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sources: List of conflicts in Egypt events: Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt;;;;-3100b;; Hor-Aha, the second pharaoh of Egypt, led a campaign against the Nubians.;;;;-3050b;; After the death of Qa'a, the last pharaoh of the First Dynasty of Egypt, a short war may have occurred for the throne of Egypt, ending with the accession of Hotepsekhemwy.;;;;-2890;; Khasekhemwy reunited Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt after a short period of political fragmentation.;;;;-2690;; Djoser, the first pharaoh of the Third Dynasty of Egypt, dispatched several military expeditions to the Sinai Peninsula, during which the local inhabitants were subdued;;;;-2670;; The 4.2 kiloyear event triggered famines, social disorder, and fragmentation.;;;;-2150;; During the reign of the pharaoh Neferkare III, the nomarch of Hieraconopolis Ankhtifi, led a coalition of his nome and Edfu against Thebes.;;;;-2140;; Mentuhotep I and Sehertawy Intef I, independent rulers at Thebes in the early eleventh dynasty of Egypt, had soldiers fighting the Coptite nomarch Tjauti, and the subsequent defeat of Tjauti ultimately put Koptos, Dendera and the three nomes of Hierakonpolis under Theban control, expanding the Theban kingdom 250 km northward with a border near Abydos.;;;;-2120;; The pharaoh Akhtoy Nebkaure sacked Thinis;;;;-2075;; (2061-2010 BC) Campaigns of Mentuhotep II;Mentuhotep II;;;-2061;; in year 18 of Senusret I conquest of Lower Nubian;;;;-1900;; Amenemhat II, looting of two cities in Asia;;;;-1880;; (1860-1850 BC) Senusret III, four campaigns to Nubia, one campaign to the Southern Levant;Senusret III;;;-1860;; Amenemhat III, short Nubian campaign in year 9 of the king's reign;;;;-1850;; (1705-1648 BC) See the comment;-;;After the death of the sixth pharaoh of the Fourteenth Dynasty of Egypt Nehesy Aasehre, the 14th dynasty continued to rule in the Nile River Delta region of Lower Egypt with a number of ephemeral or short-lived rulers until 1650 BC when the Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt conquered the Delta.;-1705;; the Hyksos conquer Memphis, putting an end to the 13th Dynasty.;;;;-1649;; (1649-1600 BC) The Hyksos conquer Middle Egypt;-;;The Hyksos progress south conquering Middle Egypt, then controlled by the Abydos Dynasty or the 16th Dynasty.;-1649;; (1629-1628 BC) Neferhotep III at war against the Hyksos;Neferhotep III;;Neferhotep III got certainly embroiled in a defensive war against the Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt, which would ultimately overrun the Sixteenth Dynasty of Egypt state.;-1629;; Final Theban offensive of Hyksos who conquer Thebes ending the 16th Dynasty.;;;;-1582;; The Hyksos had withdrawn from Thebes abandoning it to the Seventeenth Dynasty of Egypt.;;;;-1580;; (1560-1540 BC) The Seventeenth Dynasty of Egypt at war with the Hyksos.;Seventeenth Dynasty of Egypt;;;-1560;; Pharaoh Ahmosis I launches an invasion on the Hyksos in Upper and Lower Egypt, driving them out and chasing them into the Levant until his armies obliterated them. Starting a new era in Ancient Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom under the rule of the 18th dynasty.;;;;-1550;; Seti's military campaigns;;;;-1282;; (1206-1150 BC) Attacks on Egypt;New Kingdom of Egypt;;Bronze Age collapse causes the collapse of the New Kingdom of Egypt and subsequent attacks from Libyans, with associated people of Ekwesh, Shekelesh, Lukka, Shardana and Tursha or Teresh possibly Troas. A second attack during the reign of Ramesses III involved Peleset, Tjeker, Shardana and Denyen.;-1206;; Egyptian-Sea People wars;;;;-1178;; Battle of the Delta;;;;-1178;; Battle of Djahy;;;;-1178;; Battle of Bitter Lakes;;;;-925;; (752-721 BC) Conquest of Egypt;Piye#Conquest of Egypt;;;-752;; Assyrian invasion of Egypt led by Esarhaddon;;;;-671;; Sack of Thebes led by Ashurbanipal;;;;-664;; (530-522 BC) Campaigns of King Cambyses II of Persia;Cambyses II#Conquest of Egypt and its surroundings;;;-530;; Battle of Pelusium;;;;-525;; (522-520 BC) Rebellion of Petubastis III;Petubastis III;;;-522;; (489-480 BC) Rebellion of Psamtik IV;Psammetichus IV;;;-489;; (460-454 BC) Rebellion of Inaros II;Inaros II;;;-460;; Battle of Papremis;;;;-459;; Amyrtaeus revolted against Darius II of the Achaemenid Empire, leading a guerrilla action in the western Nile Delta around his home city of Sais, and regaining the Egyptian independence.;;;;-411;; (385-383 BC) A Persian invasion of Egypt was repelled by king Hakor;Hakor;;;-385;; (374-373 BC) A Persian invasion of Egypt was repelled by king Nectanebo I;Nectanebo I;;;-374;; Battle of Pelusium;;;;-343;; Pelusium opened its gates to Alexander the Great, who placed a garrison in it under the command of one of those officers entitled Companions of the King;;;;-333;; (335-323 BC) Wars of Alexander the Great;;;;-335;; Antiochus Epiphanes utterly defeated the troops of d under the walls of Pelusium, which he took and retained after he had retired from the rest of Egypt;;;;-173;; Again belonging to Egypt, Mark Antony, as cavalry general to the Roman proconsul Gabinius, defeated the Egyptian army, and made himself master of the city.;;;;-55;; (49-45 BC) Caesar's Civil War;;;;01.10.-49;; (48-47 BC) Siege of Alexandria;;;;09.-48;; Battle of the Nile;;;;02.-47;; (32-30 BC) Final War of the Roman Republic;;;;-32;; (31 July - 1 August) Battle of Alexandria;Battle of Alexandria (30 BC);;;07.31.-30;; (115-117) Kitos War;;;;115;; (618-621) Sassanid conquest of Egypt;;;;618;; Siege of Alexandria;;;;619;; (639-642) Muslim conquest of Egypt;;;;639;; Battle of Heliopolis;;;;07.06.640;; Siege of Alexandria;;;;641;; Battle of Nikiou;;;;646;; (809-827) Great Abbasid Civil War;;;;809;; (1171-1172) Ayyubids Conquest of North Africa and Nubia;;;;1171;; (1095-1272) The Crusades;;;;1095;; (1213-1221) Fifth Crusade;;;;1213;; (1218-1219) Siege of Damietta;;;;1218;; (1248-1254) Seventh Crusade;;;;1248;; Siege of Damietta;Siege of Damietta (1249);;;06.06.1249;; (8-11 February) Battle of Al Mansurah;;;;02.08.1250;; Battle of Fariskur;;;;04.06.1250;; (9–12 October) Alexandrian Crusade;;;;10.09.1365;; (1538-1557) Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts;;;;1538;; (1792-1802) French Revolutionary Wars;;;;04.20.1792;; (May-December 1798) Mediterranean campaign;Mediterranean campaign of 1798;;;05.1798;; (1798-1801) French campaign in Egypt and Syria;;;;1798;; Battle of Shubra Khit;;;;07.13.1798;; Battle of the Pyramids;;;;07.21.1798;; (1-3 August) Battle of the Nile;;;;08.01.1798;; Revolt of Cairo;;;;10.21.1798;; Battle of Abukir;;;;07.25.1799;; Siege of El Arish;;;;02.19.1799;; Battle of Heliopolis;;;;03.20.1800;; Battle of Abukir;;;;03.08.1801;; Battle of Mandora;;;;03.13.1801;; Battle of Alexandria;;;;03.21.1801;; (17 August - 2 September) Siege of Alexandria;;;;08.17.1801;;

(1803-1815) Napoleonic Wars;;;;05.18.1803;; (1807-1809) Anglo-Turkish War;Anglo-Turkish War (1807–09);;;1807;; Alexandria expedition;;;;1807;; Anglo-Egyptian War;;;;1882;; (11-13 July) Bombardment of Alexandria;;;;07.11.1882;; Egyptian Expedition;Egyptian Expedition (1882);;;06.1882;07.1882; Battle of Kassassin;;;;1882;; Battle of Kafr el-Dawwar;;;;1882;; Battle of Tel al-Kebir;;;;09.13.1882;; (1881-1899) Mahdist War;;;;1881;; Battle of Toski;;;;08.03.1889;; (1914-1918) World War I;;;;07.28.1914;; (1914-1918) Middle Eastern theatre of World War I;;;;10.29.1914;; (1915-1918) Sinai and Palestine Campaign;;;;01.28.1915;; (26 January - 4 February) Raid on the Suez Canal;;;;01.26.1915;; Battle of Katia;;;;04.23.1916;; (3-5 August) Battle of Romani;;;;08.03.1916;; Battle of Magdhaba;;;;12.23.1916;; Battle of Rafa;;;;01.09.1917;; (13-21 February) Raid on Nekhl;;;;02.13.1917;; (1939-1945) World War II;;;;09.01.1939;; (1940-1945) Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II;;;;06.10.1940;; (1940-1943) North African Campaign;;;;06.10.1940;; (1940-1943) Western Desert Campaign;;;;06.11.1940;; (9–16 September) Italian invasion of Egypt;;;;09.09.1940;; (1940-1941) Operation Compass;;;;12.09.1940;; Abdeen Palace Incident;;;;02.04.1942;; (1–27 July) First Battle of El Alamein;;;;07.01.1942;; (30 August – 5 September) Battle of Alam Halfa;;;;08.30.1942;; (11 October-23 November) Second Battle of El Alamein;;;;10.11.1942;; (1948-1949) Arab–Israeli War;;;;05.15.1948;; (December 1948-January 1949) Battles of the Sinai;;;;12.1948;; Egyptian Revolution;;;;07.23.1952;; (2–3 November) Operation Volcano (Israeli raid);;;;11.02.1955;; (29 October – November 7) Suez Crisis;;;;10.29.1956;; Operation Musketeer;;;;10.1956;; Operation Telescope;;;;1956;; Battle of Suez (1956);;;;1956;; Collapse of the United Arab Republic;;;;09.28.1961;; (5–11 June) Six-Day War;;;;06.05.1967;; (5–6 June) Battle of Abu-Ageila;;;;06.05.1967;; USS Liberty incident;;;;06.08.1967;; (1967-1970) War of Attrition;;;;07.01.1967;; Battle of Rumani Coast;;;;07.11.1967;; Operation Bulmus 6;;;;07.19.1969;; (20-28 July) Operation Boxer;;;;07.20.1969;; (26–27 December) Operation Rooster 53;;;;12.26.1969;; (7 January-12 April) Operation Priha;;;;01.07.1970;; Operation Rhodes;;;;01.22.1970;; Operation Rimon 20;;;;07.30.1970;; (6-25 October) Yom Kippur War;;;;10.06.1973;; (6-8 October) Operation Badr;;;;10.06.1973;; Battles of Fort Budapest;;;;10.06.1973;; Battle of Fort Lahtzanit;;;;10.06.1973;; Ofira Air Battle;;;;10.06.1973;; (6-7 October) Battle of El Qantarah;;;;10.06.1973;; Romani ambush;;;;10.07.1973;; Battle of Marsa Talamat;;;;10.07.1973;; Operation Tagar;;;;10.07.1973;; (7-8 October) Battle of the Moses Eyes Fortress;;;;10.07.1973;; Battle of Firdan;;;;10.08.1973;; (8-9 October) Battle of Baltim;;;;10.08.1973;; Battle of the Sinai;;;;10.14.1973;; Air Battle of El Mansoura;;;;10.14.1973;; (15-17 October) Battle of the Chinese Farm;;;;10.15.1973;; Raid on Egyptian missile bases;;;;10.16.1973;; Egyptian 25th Brigade ambush;;;;10.17.1973;; (18-22 October) Battle of Ismailia;;;;10.18.1973;; Scud missile attack;;;;10.22.1973;; (24-25 October) Battle of Suez;;;;10.24.1973;; (21-24 July) Libyan-Egyptian War;;;;07.21.1977;; (25 January 2011-present) 2011 Egyptian Revolution and Aftermath;History of modern egypt#2011 revolution and aftermath;;;01.25.2011;; (25 January-11 February) Egyptian Revolution;;;;01.25.2011;; (23 February 2011-present) Sinai insurgency;;;;02.23.2011;; (2012-2013) Egyptian protests;;;;11.22.2012;; (28 June-3 July) June 2013 Egyptian protests;;;;06.28.2013;; (3 July 2013–present) Political violence in Egypt;Political violence in Egypt (July 2013–present);;;07.03.2013;; (February 15-present) Intervention in Libya;2015 Egyptian military intervention in Libya;;;02.16.2015;; (25 March 2015-present) Intervention in Yemen;Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen;;;03.25.2015;;