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To see the Timeline follow this link:

Timeline of History is a website that shows historical events on a big timeline. It's a wiki project where you can add historical events yourself.

For all users

Watch this demo video.

Also, read the section for editors even if you don't plan to edit anything. This way you'll learn all the conventions that we use in this project.

The vision

Imagine that what you see in the video is only the beginning. The end goal is to have a Library of historical events that contains pretty much everything you can think of. All the rulers of all the countries, all wars and battles, biographies of famous historical people, etc. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’ve even added Whitechapel murders and timeline of Starship prototypes to show, that you can put literally anything on this timeline, not just kings and wars.

As the amount of content grows I will be improving navigation. For example, once we have more layers of events, I will add search functionality. I will also probably add Favourites section at some point.

Once there is some audience, I’ll try to monetise the project by accepting donations (for example on Patreon). I want to be able to work on the project full time eventually. Theoretically it should be possible, since this project has a potential to become very big. I mean, history is relevant to every living person. Once we have enough information on the website, it can be useful to millions of people. On the other hand, I live in a very cheap country where $500 would cover all my monthly expenses. Of course, I’d need a bit more, so I don’t feel like a loser, but still the goal seams achievable.

Also, once the site becomes somewhat popular, I plan to opensource the code of this project.

For editors

You can always add new events or edit the existing ones if you find a mistake.

Before you publish anything, please, read all these articles:

How you can help this project

Apart from contributing new information to the database you can help the project in other ways. The main problem we are currently facing is how to make people aware that this website exists. I doubt that search engines will ever send people to this site, because, apart from technical pages like this one, there are no human readable texts that the search engines can index. I briefly tried social media marketing, but it didn’t really work, or at least it needs much more effort to make it work.

And that’s where you can help. You can tell everyone you know about this website. Post a link on your social networks. If you have a website, post a link there.

Tell me if you need a link back to your site. I’m going to add a list of friendly sites on this page.

About the author

My name is Karen Grigoryan (he/him). I’m a mobile app developer. This project is my hobby, but I hope it grows into something really big. I will post news and my plans on my page . If you have questions or suggestions, you can leave them on my talk page.


Following this Instagram account is a great way to stay up to date with the new content that is constantly being added to the Timeline. I share screenshots and videos of the new layers of historical events there.